A new section has been created on our web site where you may honor or memorialize an individual that has served in the U.S. Armed Forces with a $25 membership to the Litchfield Beautification Flag Project. All monies given to support the flag fund will be used to purchase, replace and install the flags on Memorial Day, Flag Day (June 14), July 4th, Patriots Day (Sept. 11), and Veterans Day (Nov. 11th).

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As you drive south on route 17 from Brookgreen Gardens to the Litchfield/Pawleys Island area, you will see a transformation of the median from tall overgrown grass to a beautiful oasis of manicured lawns, beautiful palm trees and bushes.  These are maintained completely by the generosity of local home owner associations, businesses and generous residents who are dedicated to making the area one of the most beautiful in South Carolina.  This area runs from Sandy Island Road to Martin Luther King Road, some 3.2 miles.  When you first come to the Litchfield area, you are immediately struck how beautiful the median looks and how it sets this community apart from all the others.

Litchfield Beautification Corridor Background

In 2007, the Litchfield Corridor Beautification Committee (LCBC) was organized to maintain the medians and shoulders on Route 17 from Sandy Island Road south to Martin Luther King Road.  Without the LCBC and the generosity of local businesses and residents, this stretch of road would look like the majority of Route 17.  It's the beauty of the area that sets it a part. All maintenance on this area, which includes weekly mowing, trash pickup five days a week, new plantings, and care of the existing plants is done under the direction of the LCBC organization and is funded entirely by donations and grants.  In 2013 the LCBC started mowing the grass north of Sandy Island Road to meet the part that is maintained by Brookgreen Gardens. We believe this enhances the visual affect as you drive from Brookgreen towards Litchfield. This is done through the generosity of a $15,000 A Tax Grant.

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Ø  A beautiful environment in which to live, work, play and shop.

Ø  A tourist enhancement to bring more money into our community to support our local economy through taxes and spending on rooms, meals, golf and shopping.

Ø  According to an informal survey of local realtors, property values have increased due to the appearance of our front door, the Litchfield Corridor.


Ø  Your membership will help ensure that the proper funds are in place  to properly maintain this area and ensure the beauty that we have all come to appreciate and value.

Ø  Important no matter what the amount.


Qualify as Voting Members

Large Business $1,000

Small Business $250 - $500

Family/Individual Business $100

Property Owner Associations
(Based on number of members)

Non-Voting Members

Any amount is gladly accepted and appreciated

All members will receive a decal and a letter of appreciation.

Voting Members are invited to the annual meeting
to vote on budget, officers, etc.

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What people are saying

"The private - public partnership between the Litchfield Corridor Beautification Committee and governmental entities on behalf of our community has set a precedence for cooperation and excellence. The Highway 17 beautification project is recognized and admired by tourists, business and locals. Our entire area has benefited by the "pride of  community" of this project."

Vida Miller, Former State Representative

Group beautifies area’s “front door”

…Georgetown County Councilman Jerry Oakley, who represents Litchfield Beach, applauded the committee’s efforts.

“That is our front door” Oakley said." That is the one stretch that I hear more comments about no matter where I am in the state about how attractive that strip is.”

---Sun News October 2008

IF it’s landscaped it must be Litchfield!

---Coastal Observer July 2009

The Natural Beauty of Litchfield…

"People will see this as not just another beach community, but someplace special"

Henry Jobe, President of the Litchfield-By-The-Sea
Property Owners Association

As residents of the Tradition and Litchfield Community, we are very pleased to see how the beautification is coming along.  We are always hearing from friends that live elsewhere, about our "beautiful Litchfield".  We are tickled about their compliments!

Bobbie and Phil Fleiss, Tradition

For more information contact any of the Officers and Board Members listed below.


Email Address

Main  Phone #

Alt Phone #

Address for Mailings *

Tom Leis-President



33 Old Pointe Road

Lewis Bowers-Vice President



674 Tradition Club Drive 

Mark Gilles-Secretary


121 Golf View Court

Ken Dewell -Treasurer



236 Historic Lane

Vonne Pannucci - Director of Operations


42 Tara Drive

Ragan Ormand-Information Officer


27 Maritime Cir

Kathy MacSorley, Public Relations Director



32 Thrasher Ct

Bill McElroy-Director Advisory Board


694 Tradition Club Drive

Board Members

Joseph Muffolett



498 Chapman Loop

Bill Hoyle



96 Bald Cypress Court

Rhea Carter


PO Box 347

Vic Figlar



1516 Oatland Lake Road 

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Georgetown Chronicle

Flag Day Litchfield Beach
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The Litchfield Corridor Beautification Committee has a new name, The Litchfield Beautification Foundation.

Effective July 19, 2013 we have formed a new corporation in the State of South Carolina and have filed to become a 501C3. Under the tax laws we can immediately start to operate as a 501C3 and all monies donated to us under this new name are Tax Exempt.

It will take several months to hear about our application and there is always a chance that we could be turned down, IF we are turned down, it is possible that those making a donation and claiming a tax deduction would have to re-file their taxes. Please consult with your tax professional to determine your exact situation.

We have been working with an expert in the 501C3 who spent many years of his career working for the IRS and handling 501C3 applications. He is very confident that we will get approved.

Our plan is to eventually close the Litchfield Corridor Beautification Committee Corporation and operate solely from our new name the Litchfield Beautification Foundation.

If you have any questions please use our web site to send a e mail or contact any of our officers which have their phone numbers and names listed on the web site which is

Your continued support is key to the future of the corridor and maintaining the appearance we have all come to expect and love.


     Tom Leis-President

Advisory   Board

Email Address

Phone preferred



Bill McElroy-Chairman


694 Tradition Club Drive

Press Courtney



P. O. Box 2308

Henry Jobe



78 Sea Oats Circle

Jim Warrick



1254 Parker Drive

David Teems



PO Box 3785

Stoney Miller



Drawer 320

Vince Franco


304 Historic Lane

C. J. Brockington 


282 Historic Lane

Al Coram


P O Box 3209

P O Box 3209

  Our Business and HOA Sponsors

Bowers Comm Group, Inc.

Mingo Townhomes HOA

Charlestowne Grant

Myrtle Beach National Company

Crooked Oak Cottages HOA

Nap, NC General Partnership

Dunes Beach Home Rentals

National Golf Management

Eggs Up Grill

Piggly Wiggly Carolina Co Inc.

H & H & Mc. Inc.

Reunion Hall

Heron Marsh Villas Council

River Club Prop Owners Association

Hidden Oaks Owners Assoc., Inc

Salt Marsh Cove Assoc, Inc.

Ikon Food Systems, Inc.

St. Paul's Wac. Meth. Church

Inlet Point Association, Inc.

St. Peter's Lutheran Church


Summerhouse POA, Inc.

Litchfield CC POA

The Dieter Company, Inc.

Litchfield Beach & Golf  Resort

The Reserve

Litchfield Beaches POA

Tradition @ WCA

Litchfield Books, Inc.

Waccamaw L/S & Const., Inc.

Litchfield Co. RE

Waccamaw Neck Council of POAs

Litchfield Real Estate, Inc.

Waverly Mills HOA, Inc.

Litchfield Villas, Inc.

Willbrook Plantation

MBN - L'field Beach Golf Club


Midway Inlet Title Agency,   Inc.


In 2013, private donations to the Litchfield Beautification Corridor increased 5% from $80,800 in 2012 to $84,500.  This is the highest level of private giving experienced to date and we sincerely thank all of you for your generosity.  We hope this upward trend continues as increased funding will be required as we move forward to both maintain and expand our beautification efforts.  The chart below show the percentage of member’s dollars by individual, businesses, and HOAs/POAs: