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Sgt. Gerard N. Becker, US Army  World War II

Timothy J. Julian,  US Army/Marines  World War II

James Bowers,  US Army  World War II

Everette Bowers, US Army World War II

B. J. Bowers, US Army  World War II

Thurland Abram,  US Army

William M. McElroy, Captain, US Army Reserve

Charles N. Rauschenberg, Carpenters Mate First Class,
US Navy Sea Bees  World War II

Tommy Gould, Staff Sergeant, US Army World War II   

William Huish,   US Air Corps World War II

James P Murren Jr., Sergeant, US Army/Air Force  World War II

Harold T. Phifer, US Marines

Anthony F. Cerone, L.Cpl., US Marines Vietnam

James Tredway Dixon, Lt. US Army   World War II

William Beale,   Captain, US Air Force
killed on active duty 1961

Edmund H. Sheldon, Sr. Tech Sergeant, US Army World War II

Bill Denton, US Navy   World War II

George McElroy, Captain, US Air Force  Vietnam

Christopher  McElroy, US Army  Iraq

Robert D. Wilson, US Navy. Corpsman

David R. Wilson, US Navy Ensign

Robert G. Wilson, Sgt., US Army

Herbert E. Friesln, Lt. Colonel, Marines/Army Korea

John H. Wilson,  Lt. JG   US Navy  World War I

Wilbur Heckathorne

Earl Hackney, US Air Force

Paul J. Kelly    Senior Master Sergeant, Retired,  US Air Force

Malcolm C. Russell,  Captain, US Army World War II E5

Robert G. Sanders,  US Army  Vietnam

Alfred B. Ruff,  US Air Force, Korea, Security Service

Harry Marcus,  LLC POA Past President

Ken Crompton,  LLC POA Past President

Robert "Bob" Bicknell,   LLC POA Past President

R. H.  "Bubba" Cannon, Jr.  Seaman First,  US Navy Korea

Richard K  Albright,  Captain,  US Navy (30 years)    

Matthew J. Chivattoni,  Pfc.,  US Army  Afghanistan

Alfred H. Small,  Staff Sergeant,  US Army  WW II

Robert N. Becker,  US Army

Frank G. Seitz, Jr.,  US Navy Vietnam

Ronald Brugge, 7th Armored Division,  US Army

Wendall Tipton,  US Army World War II

Sam Allen,  Captain,  US Air Force Vietnam

Robert Muller, US Army Airborne

Chester Kisiel, Pfc., US Army WW II  1943-1945

Carl W. Kendall, Jr.

Roland Cecil

William Gould, Corporal,  US Army World War II

Glen Pugmire, Colonel, U.S. Air Force
World War II, Korea, Vietnam

Bryce "Mac" MacDonald, Tech. Sgt., U.S. Air Force Vietnam

Augustus  Stasi, Sgt., U.S. Army

Walter Mankowski, Captain, U.S. Army

Jimmy Phifer, US Army Vietnam

Parks Phifer, US Army World War II

Blondee Phifer, US Army World War II

Elliott Dodson, Major, U.S. Army World War II

John J. Brabant, Corporal, US Marine Corps World War II

James E. Hartley 45th Construction Battalion, Seabees, US Navy World War II

James Carey Master Sergeant, US Marine Corps World War II

Eugene R. Hartman, US Army World War II

Frederick Keith Wolfe, U.S. Navy World War II

Ivan James Bouch, 283rd Combat Engineers U.S. Army,
World War II

Lt. B. J. (Jerry) Oberembt U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
World War II

Leon Niegelsky, U.S. Navy World War II

Captain Michael Pannucci, U.S. Army Korean Campaign

Our Wounded Veterans

Capt. Paul D. McLemore, US Army

Fred Vegliante, Past President Litchfield Country Club POA Bleeker Cannon, Past President Litchfield Country Club POA Paula Bergin, Past President Litchfield Country Club POA

William H. Davitt Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy

Marty & Carole Farrell Sponsors of the
2016 Memorial Day Flag Display

W. Glenn Zembower U.S. Air Force

George E. Bailey U.S. Army

Barry C. Zembower.US. Air Force